• Commercial Photography

    Advertising photography is everywhere around us: on the billboards along the roads, in shopping malls, magazines, etc. The best thing to be found in both commercial and advertising photography is that there is no need to use language for allowing people to understand the advertisement

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  • Advertising video

    Create a captivating, personalized video that will engage your customer base. Enhance your presentations and spice up your live events!

  • Food Art: edible artwork

    Food photo & video is a creative tandem, in the process of which we form the right basis for commercial photog

  • Individual photo shoots

    Allow me to keep those experiences and feelings, which are born into you to soul during unforgettable moments, that you could return to them years later and share them with the family. Or it’s simple to create for you the highest level of the photo.

Our Amazing Team

Each person is good at something... Some of us become the genius mathematicians, the others achieve the best results in sport, the third ones are the best in writing, and others devote their lives to kids. As for us, we are fond of fine art photography. We do not recognize it as just a kind of interesting hobby or a part-time job. We do love it. Moreover, this kind of emotional passion gives us terrific advantage. Each ordinary image (even if it is the 563rd one) of individual photo session we are working on will reveal the identity and show the uniqueness. When working on the product photography we pay particular attention to the equipment adjusting to create the realistic photos of your articles so that they become attractive for your customers.

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Natali Mironets


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Kira Colibri


The benefits of working with a photo studio Inside 35 mm


An interest of people to collect quality photos was always. Today many of us have this amazing device: on the iPhone, for example, or real professional reflex camera. However, this fact does not affect the demand of photographers. In addition, it is hardly a surprise, because only a skillful and talented photographer can create really high-quality photographs. It is not a matter of the simple click the shutter button to bring "a miracle picture". It is a matter of the essence: the real photograph is a mixture of captured emotions and look. The real photograph is a composite of million details. We are proud to present our portfolio by the team of Natali Mironets and Kira Colibri to you


Some may like the result of our work and some may not. But it is totally normal, because many men, many minds. However, if you stay on our website and want to contact us after viewing our portfolio, we will be glad to see you in the top of our customers. All you have to do after – relax and trust the true experts in them field. In addition, we assure you that will do best not to fall short of your expectations.


who we had the honor to work together, including some of the global and local brands

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